Your core muscles stretch for nine months.
It’s time to give them specific attention.

Improve core/pelvic floor control, strength, stability and function
through pregnancy and recovery

Webinar 9: Dr. Rita Deering, DPT
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Webinar 9: Dr. Rita Deering, DPT

Join us as we chat with Dr. Rita Deering on her amazing postpartum research. Rita has published 6+ peer reviewed publications. She has been studying abdominal strength in postpartum women, specifically diastasis recti, trunk fatiguability, steadinesss as well as running biomechanics. 

Rita's paper "Impaired Trunk Flexor Strength, Fatigability & Steadiness in Postpartum Women" was the first of its kind to recognize the deficits women are still dealing with 6 months postpartum. Simply going back to daily activities of walking, lifting children and general exercise did not sufficiently restore deficits by 6 months.

We can't wait to dive more into her research and find out what she has learned along the way!

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What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti is when the linea alba has stretched and thinned due to outward pressure (usually caused by pregnancy). Stretching of the linea alba is a natural process of pregnancy and happens to...
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The "Core 4" Matters

The core and pelvic floor muscles stretch considerably during pregnancy. Specifically training these 4 aspects will greatly improve the recovery process.
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