• Do you have questions specifically about core training or returning to run/sport?
  • Need some direction on exercise prescription for your situation and goals?
  • Want specific help on learning how to brace, engage or work on regaining core control with Intra Abdominal Pressure?
  • Do you want me to observe exercises and see how things are going?

Suggested Usage

  • 30 min Zoom or Facetime available
  • Video links of 6-7 exercises provided

ReCORE Trainers

Celeste Goodson

Celeste Goodson

Certified Medical Exercise Specialist (includes pre/post natal) & USATF Level 1 Track Coach and has worked in health and fitness settings for over 15 years; including physical therapy clinics, cardiac rehab and aquatic therapy. She developed ReCORE program and FITsplint (patented dual strap maternity and postnatal support) and has trained pre/post natal women the last 12 years, from recreational to elite and Olympic athletes, specializing in helping women regain core/pelvic floor coordination, strength, stability and function, helping them return to running and sports.
Aubree McLeod

Aubree McLeod

Trained under Celeste for over a year. Aubree McLeod is an ACSM-EP exercise physiologist, researcher in running biomechanics. She has also completed the ICE Preg & PostPartum Course for athletes. She has an M.S. in Exercise Science and has worked in a variety of spaces within the exercise science field including physical therapy, education, research, and run coaching for a wide range of skill levels. Aubree is a new mom, a running shoe geek, and can often be found out running in the canyons near her home!

Personal Training Details

Want a few tips to make sure you are headed in the right direction during pregnancy or postpartum?

Need help with? Run Coaching programming, strength or core exercises with or w/o  diastasis, prolapse, incontinence?

Our goal ----find your threshold and help progress you from there

With our consults, (after filling out assessment/history) you will get a 30 min zoom for an assessment and then get an email with 8 or so exercises (video links)  to work on...depending on your issues and goals.

If you have a diagnosis and want to progress, we can help. If you are looking for an injury diagnosis, please see a physician or pelvic PT.

FOR: Any athlete who wants to assess core strength, function, control, return to run and get specific exercises to work on 

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At 21 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child I started feeling some ab pain while running. I could tell from the location of the pain that it was due to my ab separation. I've run through my two prior pregnancies without much problem, so I was worried this new pain would mean I'd have to stop. Celeste was really helpful and gave me so many different exercises to help strengthen my abs so I'd be able to keep running. Pregnant women are so often told all the things we CAN'T do, it was so nice to have someone equip me with the tools to keep exercising and staying healthy during this pregnancy. Now, at 24 weeks, my ab pain is entirely gone and I am back to running again pain free!
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Celeste was a great help to me at 6 weeks postpartum. She performed diagnostic moves over video to assess some pelvic pressure I was feeling with exercise, gave me some specific exercises to work on (in addition to Recore programs), and - most importantly - advised me to be patient with my return to running, giving me a plan that balanced rest with testing it out when I felt ready. I was able to schedule the consult within a day, which was a huge benefit over some local PTs I contacted (which didn’t offer appointments for weeks). I am grateful for her steady guidance during a time of such physical uncertainty and have had a smooth return to running postpartum following her advice.
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Laura M
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Even though I was 5 years post-partum and back to running and racing, I still couldn't get rid of a stubborn 'belly'. Everything I found online was geared at women who had recently given birth or had diastasis recti; I was neither and I wasn't sure where to start. I scheduled a private consultation with Celeste, where she assessed my current strengths and weaknesses and then followed up with an initial set of exercises, as well as more advanced ones for when I progressed. She also helped me set realistic expectations, which I really appreciated because I hadn't been able to get that anywhere else, from someone who was also an athlete / runner. I'm still doing the exercises Celeste recommended, and can feel the difference in core strength and tightened-up abs. I really appreciate that Celeste was able to meet me where I was.
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My consultation with Celeste was fantastic and very thorough! Before signing up, I was on the fence as to whether or not I actually needed a consultation...and I'm so glad I did. The information Celeste provided during the session and in the followup email was excellent. I will definitely be contacting her again after future babies!!!
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