Size Guide

  • Maternity Small (24"-29" waist measurement pre-pregnancy)
    0-6 pre-pregnancy jeans
  • Maternity Medium (30"-36" waist measurement pre-pregnancy)
    6-12 pre-pregnancy jeans
  • Maternity Large (37"-43" waist measurement pre-pregnancy)
    12-20 pre-pregnancy jeans


  • Wear 3 different ways
  • Supports the back, belly, bladder, hips and pelvis
  • Great running support
  • Flexible, Slim, Fully Adjustable for Custom FIT
  • 5 PreCORE Exercises Included!
  • Pat. No. 9,398,973

Suggested Care

  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, tumble dry low
  • Made from silicone, nylon and breathable neoprene
  • *Skin irritations or allergic reactions from silicone or neoprene are possible but rare

Suggested Usage

  • Straps can separate for motion control during activity or be placed down low for more hip support.
  • Fully adjustable for custom fit.

Product Details

Perfect for Exercise

The FITsplint material is more flexible than most supports to provide the right amount of support while still allowing the core muscles to do the work! Exercises, proper body mechanics, alignment and support can all help keep you strong and symptom free during pregnancy.

How to wear Maternity FITsplint

Great for those dealing with belly, back, bladder, hip or pelvic pain.

How to wear Maternity FITsplint

Whether women are dealing with back discomfort, bladder pressure, or just need proper support while running, the Maternity FITsplint helps women stay comfortable and active during pregnancy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Celeste Goodson

Celeste Goodson Answers

ReCore Fitness founder, pre and post-natal trainer, and ACE Medical Exercise Specialist is here to answer your questions!

The FITsplint's unique design allows for the 2 straps to separate if desired to provide more belly support during motion. The straps can both be worn down low for more back or belly support. As you crossover the 2 straps, you can gently "lift" the belly for more bladder relief. The FITsplint is fully adjustable so you can get the proper secure fit that you need.

Yes you can wear the Maternity FITsplint post-partum, it will just wrap around the back. Some women may not need the Maternity FITsplint, but all moms can benefit from wearing the FITsplint Post-partum, so we sell it in smaller sizes.

When a mom runs while pregnant (4+ months), there is increased belly motion. Stabilizing this motion can help reduce the stress on the connective tissue, bladder and back. Wearing a support will reduce the stress loads and provide a smoother gait. The FITsplint is also used to by physical therapists to help with sciatic pain, pelvic girdle pain and back pain.

Go with the larger size, it will still adjust smaller as needed

29 reviews
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This is a game changer. I didn’t use anything like this for my first pregnancy and had to quit running before 30 weeks because it was so uncomfortable. This time around I splurged on the fitsplint and I was still running 5ks at 39 weeks and going to weight lifting classes at the gym up to 41 weeks.
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I just started using this and it's helping so much! I think it's definitely going to extend how long I'm able to run for while pregnant. Thank you for the great product!
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I bought this at 18 weeks pregnant after experiencing some discomfort while running and thought I might have to stop running until after the baby is born. Fast forward to now and I'm still running at 25 weeks! I'm optimistic that I'll be able to keep running as long as I want with the help of the fitsplint. I run 3 miles 4 times a week and rarely have to adjust it. Would recommend to anyone.
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Lianne M
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I’ve worn this now for two pregnancies - so the belt has served me well. Not only do I run with it (I’m 40 weeks today, and still able to run with the support of the belt - my first baby didn’t come until 41 weeks and I wore it running two days before I gave birth), but I also wear it most of the day, chasing my toddler around, making dinner, doing laundry - all to give me that comfort and support I’ve needed throughout my pregnancies. The Velcro is starting to go on one strap, but that’s only because I’ve worn this for 18 months +
Thank you for this great product, I’ve recommended it to every pregnant woman I know, athlete or not.
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Janet B
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It's great while it works. I ordered mine for hip/pelvic support (SI joint pain) on Halloween and by Christmas the velcro was failing. I contacted them and they sent me a new one, which is great, but the velcro is failing again and it's not even March. I have another, cheaper belly band from my first pregnancy that has velcro that sticks to absolutely everything after heavy wear in both pregnancies, but it doesn't provide the hip support the maternity FitSplint can. It's not that the problem can't be solved, it's that they're using materials that wear out.

I will say that for hip support it was recommended that I basically wear it all the time (even while sleeping) so it may last your whole pregnancy if you don't need it constantly. On the other hand, I need it constantly and I don't have it any more despite the cost and a replacement.
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Jaimie C
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This splint is so great! I was able to run up until just a few days before giving birth to my son because of this splint. It helped me throughout my running endeavors as well as helped me work as a floor nurse during my pregnancy. I was able to continue running at a level appropriate for what I did beforehand and feel good while doing so while using this splint. It fit wonderfully and really supported me no matter what I wanted to do during my day. It was so much more comfortable, flexible and really adjusted to what I was doing compared to other belts I tried. I highly recommended and encourage anyone I know to get one.
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SO great! I got it bc another reviewer claimed she is an olympian. I am 5 months preg, am in the middle of my workout and I don’t feel the debilitating pelvic floor soreness. I had to stop the workout and write this review. Pre-pregnancy I used to workout 4x a week, bit have since struggled even with long walks. Exercise is an important relationship that I have with my body that I missed. I’m glad I can get to this form of self care!
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Jessica R
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@sugarruns - "super supportive for the high impact of running and can be changed to support your belly in different ways based on how your belly grows and changes"
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Man, I really wish I could recommend this because I haven't found another support band that is as comfortable as this one! However, the velcro just gives out. It stopped working for me (slipping or just completely detaching) and I was thrilled when Recore sent me another one for free. But not even a month later, the new one began slipping and detaching as well, and it's been so frustrating! I am 39 weeks pregnant now and I wish I didn't have to adjust and reattach this thing all day! If they could fix the velcro problem, I would definitely recommend this to my pregnant friends.
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Really enjoy this product. I am a retired Olympian and enjoy working out, as well as have a physical job requiring a lot of use of my body (chiropractor). This provides great support while I’m running or working out, and is comfortable enough to also wear all day in the office. The gel on the bands help to stop it sliding around. I have the medium, and could probably have fit into a small, but as my bump grows I think the medium will be a good fit. I am 140lbs 5’8” pre-pregnancy, size 6 typically.
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