Products to help support you through pregnancy and posnatal recovery

Maternity FITsplint™

The Maternity FITsplint is fully adjustable, flexible, slim, and breathable.



The FITsplint is fully adjustable, flexible, slim and breathable. Can use the 2 straps to lift belly to help reduce bladder pressure.  Straps can also separate for better motion control during activity or be placed down low for more hip/pelvic support.  Used by physical therapists and athletes world-wide.

The Maternity FITsplint includes 5 PreCORE exercises to help you keep the core/pelvic floor strong during pregnancy. The full PreCORE online program is available separately. 


Post-Natal FITsplint™

Custom, flexible, slim FIT for optimal postpartum recovery.

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PreCORE Online Program

Strengthen and improve function of core/pelvic floor to better handle pregnancy demands, delivery and recovery. 


ReCORE Online Program

Regain your core/pelvic floor strength, stiffness and control postpartum.

ReCORE 2 Online Program

Continue to increase your inner/outer core strength, function and core control with more difficult full body core exercises.


Online Personal Training

6-Week Online Session

(includes strength & return to run programming)


Online Training Consult

Online Training Consult (Preg/Postpartum) 30 min


In Home ReCORE Training

In-person 6 week custom training for postpartum women

Core/pelvic floor reconditioning + return to run/sport


*coupons do not apply to training sessions*


In-Home Consult Visit

In home consult to assess core strength and prescribe custom exercises. (Pregnant/Postnatal) 60 min


*coupons do not apply to consult visits*