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Everything you need to get fit and stay fit to the inner core.


Products to help you stay fit to the inner core.

Post-Natal FITsplint™

Custom, flexible, slim FIT for optimal postpartum recovery.

Sizing based on current waist size

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Maternity FITsplint™

Wear 3 different ways to support the back, belly, bladder, hips and pelvis

Sizing based on pre-pregnancy size

Large is IN-STOCK. More will arrive Mid-March.

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Personal training designed to help you regain your inner core with safe, progressive, and dynamic core exercises.

Online Personal Training
6 week online personal custom CORE reconditioning training program
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Online Coaching Consult
Online Coaching Consultation (Pregnant/Postnatal) 30 min
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In Home ReCORE Training
In-person 6 week custom training for postpartum women
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In-Home Consult Visit
In home consult to assess core strength and prescribe custom exercises. (Pregnant/Postnatal) 60 min
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Programs designed to help reactivate, realign, restrengthen, and restabilize.

PreCORE Online Program

Strengthen and improve function of core/pelvic floor to better handle pregnancy demands, delivery and recovery. 

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ReCORE Online Program
Regain your core activation, coordination, stability, function and strength postpartum.
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ReCORE 2 Online Program
Continue to increase your inner/outer core strength, function and core control with more difficult full body core exercises
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