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How ReCORE Fitness all got started... 

Celeste GoodsonCeleste Goodson is a Pre/Post-Natal trainer with a B.S. in Fitness & Wellness Management and has worked in physical therapy, cardiac rehab, coached high school X-C, and worked in numerous fitness and aquatic settings over the last 20 years. She studied Exercise Science for two years at Ohio State before graduating from EKU in 2003.  In 2005, Celeste became an ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, certifying her to personal train those with musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and metabolic conditions cleared by physicians. Over the years, Celeste has worked with many elite athletes as well as several Olympic Gold medalists in their return to running postpartum. 
After her 3rd child in 2009, Celeste found herself dealing with diastasis recti, mild stress incontinence and mild prolapse..making it difficult to return to running even 7 months later. She had been told by her ObGyn that exercise wouldn't help and surgery was her only option.  Even as a certified Pre/Post Natal trainer, Celeste felt the need better strengthen the stretched out tissue and muscles progressively, improve core control and pelvic control.  She had already started designing the FITsplint after her frustration with supports during pregnancy and then her approach for ReCORE was developed as well. She was able to return to running gradually within a few months of more focused programming and has enjoyed doing marathons the last 5 years.

Celeste realized the benefit for women to do specific/progressive prep and core reconditioning help women avoid issues from diastasis recti, low back pain, pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, hip instability, posture issues etc... Simply doing TVA exercises and then going back to typical gym exercise is not sufficient enough to re-strengthen the Inner Core System  (pelvic floor, transverse abs, diaphragm and multifidus) which can put undo pressure on a weak inner core system.   From her experience and client results, Celeste has developed the ReCORE program, an effective 6 week core reconditioning program that teaches functional core exercises and expands to outer core and then full body work.  Celeste also designed the FITsplint (Maternity and Post-Natal) to help women support and/or splint their core when needed. Celeste believes that while pregnancy is a natural and amazing process, the muscles and ligaments have been stretched, strained and compromised.  

Celeste lives outside Nashville,  has 2 teens/1 pre-teen and an incredibly supportive husband. She helps run a non-profit summer track and field program for youth (Wilco Track and Field) She also enjoys reading up on women's health research, taking education courses for her CEC's, running, and playing just about any sport.  Celeste is a Boston Marathon qualifier and understands the desire for women to stay fit during pregnancy, get their core strength back and return to their exercise of choice injury and symptom free.

CPR/AED Certified
Running History -PR's
1600 - 5:21 (1994 - IHSA State Track Freshman Year)
5k - 19:24 ( 2018 - Nashville Diaper Dash )
1/2 Marathon - 1:25:07 - (2018 - Monumental Half)
Marathon - 3:08:51 (2019 Memphis Marathon) *Boston Qualifier

How the FITsplint came to be...

The FITsplint was developed in 2010 and patented in 2015.
FITsplint Pat. No. 9,398,973
"During my 3rd pregnancy, I bought a maternity support to support the belly while running, however I was disappointed in the lack of belly support, proper fit and function. I looked online and in stores but couldn't find what I wanted.
"They were either too stiff, restricted the ribs, only partially adjustable or didn't splint (crossover)"

 I wanted to design a support that could do everything..be a splint, provide proper belly, back, bladder support, be flexible, fully adjustable and be worn DURING pregnancy and after.  It took me over a year of researching and testing the function and material, so I hope you will agree with PT's and athletes as being the best support/splint out there.    

-Celeste Goodson

Training Philosophy

  1. Screen/Assess/Program Screen clients for baseline function, assess symptoms, make sure there are no red flags (need to go back to pelvic pt etc), program based on their needs and goals.
  2. Quality over Quantity -it's better for women to focus on technique and quality exercise than doing hundreds of the same exercise over and over.
  3. Progressive Functional Exercises -Women need to challenge the Inner Core System progressively for best results.
  4. Total core conditioning Strengthening the inner and outer core eventually means to get to full body stability core exercise. This is essential in restoring coordination, strength and function. 
  5. ReCORE is for all postpartum women.  ReCORE before….returning to the gym, running, p90x, cross fit, etc..The ReCORE program is designed to help improve core stability, diaphragmatic breathing, strength and function, including the pelvic floor, back, glutes and posture.
  6. Recondition, then move on. Once the core is reconditioned and/or Diastasis is functional, women CAN safely do tougher core stability exercises again with core control. 
  7. Core work for daily movements. Women learn proper form that should be used in daily activities, not just a fitness class.
  8. Smart splinting and support when needed. The FITsplint is patented and designed to splint between the ribs and hip bones without restricting movement or breathing or increasing *pelvic pressure, is fully adjustable, flexible and slim fitting.
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