Celeste Goodson, owner of ReCORE Fitness is a Cert. Medical Exercise Specialist (includes pre/post natal) & USATF Level 1 Track Coach and has worked in health and fitness settings for over 18 years; including physical therapy clinics, cardiac rehab and aquatic therapy. She developed ReCORE program and FITsplint (patented dual strap maternity and postnatal support) and has trained pre/post natal women the last 16 years, from recreational to elite and Olympic athletes, specializing in helping women regain core/pelvic floor coordination, strength, stability and function, helping them return to running and sports.

Celeste and Aubree helped publish biomechanic research with Dr. Max Paquette at Univ of Memphis in 2022 

External loading of common training drills: Ranking drills to design progressive return-to-run programs