Is it bad to wear a support or binder after childbirth?

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Is it bad to wear a support or binder after childbirth?
I can't help but cringe when I hear statements like:
"wearing a support will make you weaker"
(huge blanket statement)

"it's not supportive enough"

(actually only heard this once or twice but by a health professional)


"supports cause too much intra abdominal pressure"
(another blanket statement)





I get it, not everyone needs a support and not everyone likes wearing a support. But lets just clarify a few things. Many do benefit from a temporary support/splint. A support can:

- help protect from further stress and strain
- support muscles/tissue in proper positioning while the body is trying to heal
- provide gentle support and compression (increase blood flow)
- help speed recovery than with exercise alone

FIRST ... not all supports are created equal and don't all work the same. Some supports can be stiff, some flexible, Some tall, some shorter. Some fully adjustable, some only partially adjustable. The varying degrees of support can be different depending on how it is worn. Even with athletic tape or KTtape!

SECOND ... wearing a support doesn't always make you weak...its what You CAN/CAN'T do when wearing the support that makes the difference!

- If you are wearing a flexible support and doing corrective are NOT going to get weaker.
- If the support is so stiff and tight that you can't move in a full range of motion..yes, it will prevent you from improving strength (ex. cast or corset)

Postpartum women are not dealing with broken bones (extremely rare) They don't need a stiff support that prevents them from bending or moving in a full range of motion. A flexible support will support strained muscle/tissue without restricting movement.

THIRD ... Postpartum supports should be temporary. They serve as a short term aide to assist in support while tissue is healing, protection from further stress or strain and guided movements while the tissue heals (keep tissue close together while still able to move in a full range of motion)

FOURTH ... A support is only going to increase Intra Abdominal Pressure if worn too tightly (hard to do with a flexible support) My rule of thumb - if a person can take a full breathe, then they are breathing the same with a support on as they would before the belly stretched out.

Careful consideration went into the design and function of the FITsplint. It wasn't made to make women look skinny or give them an hourglass figure. It was made to do its job. Protect, support, stabilize without restricting breathing patterns and yet be able to adjust to get the right amount of support.

There is more research that needs to be done to answer some questions we don't know but until then, I'll stick with what is working and already well known in the research world.


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