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We, Jaime and Sheeva, are fertility specialists who work and live in New York City. For a full run-down of education and articles written, click here. Our practice is devoted to helping women achieve their goal of parenthood. Using a team approach (two minds are always better than one) rooted in honesty and transparency, we are redefining the doctor-patient relationship. We give it to you straight, like your best girlfriends would, but with years of medical training and experience to back it up. However, there are only so many patients we can see in a day, only so many women we will meet in our day-to-day activities, on the spin bike, in the line at Starbucks, and at our kids’ school. Time and geography will limit which women we cross paths with. We wanted to take our message nationally, possibly even globally, educating and empowering more women to become their own advocates through our medical advice. And that’s why we launched Truly, MD.At Truly, MD, we care about you as a whole. The body and the mind, the fitness and the food, Western and Eastern medicine. You are a sum of a lot of parts, just like we are a sum of all members on our team. It takes more than one doctor to treat you and more than just a pill or a shot to heal you. We get how complex things can be. We want to help you find what you need to make you healthier, stronger, cognizant, and empowered. Our words are simple, and our message is clear, true, and honest. Take our medical advice, and use it to change your reproductive future. Take our personal experiences, and use them to change your overall future. Take what we, a couple of girls, know, and shape your now.

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