It depends! If within 3 months postpartum, for non-complicated deliveries we recommend waiting till:
1) 7-8 weeks post, have done at least had 3 weeks of the ReCORE program or you have seen pelvic pt.
Returning to run should be VERY gradual. Start by walking for a few weeks while doing ReCORE, then add in a few times a week doing walking hill repeats, uphill run repeats and then short run/walk intervals to slowly get back to consistent running.

2) If you are dealing with more severe incontinence or prolapse symptoms, we recommend seeing a pelvic PT, waiting at least 3 months and working with one of our coaches on a specific return to run program.

If you started ReCORE and you have already been running and you're only dealing with Diastasis Recti or mild stress incontinence issues, you can continue to run as you strengthen with ReCORE and symptoms improve.