Q: How early can I start ReCORE program postpartum? 

A: General rule of thumb is 3 weeks post if you can sit and walk pain free with doctors permission (we have a letter you can send to your OBGYN/midwife) While you do not have to start this early, if you do ReCORE when you feel mentally ready and that is a few weeks/months later, that is fine! Even if you didn't hear about ReCORE and you are 10 years postpartum, it is not too late to recondition the inner/outer core!

Q: Who is the ReCORE Program for?

A: Any post-natal mom, whether they have diastasis recti or not. The custom core program can be adapted for any of the following:

  • Any woman who wants to regain core activation, coordination, stability, function and strength 
  • Immediate Post-Partum (c-section or vaginal)
  • Moms who are even 10+ years postpartum and just want to regain core strength

What should be my fitness goals postpartum?

A: The focus of ReCORE and the FITsplint is to provide the best environment to recondition the core fully to the best of its ability (not promise a diastasis fix) Moms are weak in 4 core areas postpartum. Often times, postpartum programs stick to basic TVA exercises and do not prepare moms for typical gym workouts.  Moms need to recondition the core fully (abs, back, pelvic floor, posture, glutes) whether there is a separation or not. Splinting is helpful to a certain point. Once the tissue stops responding, the core is functioning well and is stronger, splinting is NOT needed or helpful anymore. That is why ReCORE is 6 weeks and the FITsplint is only used for 4-6 weeks. Some may need a little longer, but most ReCORE clients can recondition their core well in 6 weeks or enough to understand how to move on to their favorite exercises again and stop splinting.

Q: What are considered the CORE muscles?  Many! 

A: All the inner/outer abdominal muscles, lower back muscles and pelvic floor muscles; although we will work many other large muscle groups with functional movements.

Q: Do I have to wear the FITsplint or can I just do the ReCORE program?

A: Yes, you can do just the ReCORE program! Many women can have a weak core without diastasis. However, if you are within 2 years post and have abdominal separation (2 or greater) or are immediately post-partum, I would recommend wearing it to help the connective tissue heal faster for more effective results. The FITsplint will help support, splint, load and protect the tissue while corrective exercises are done.

Q: I don’t have much of a diastasis, but I still have a "belly bulge", can you help me?

A: Yes! Even though there may not be a diastasis..most moms still have a very weak stretched out inner core muscles including the pelvic floor, back, abs, postural muscles that contribute to weakness, belly bulge and malfuntion. By conditioning the inner core correctly and effectively, moms can regain their core strength, shape and function again.

Q: What causes the "Belly Bulge" ?

A: There are several contributors, the main culprits being abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti), lengthened inner core muscles, weak core muscles, external belly fat and internal visceral fat and bloating.

Q: I don’t know if I have a lot of time during the day to devote to this.

A: If you have about 10 minutes available several times a day, you’ll get all the work in. Exercises can be done all at once as well. 

Q: Why should I do the ReCORE Program?

A: Women who go through childbirth can benefit from proper core reconditioning to regain their core strength, stability and coordination back.  Many women ignore this area or don't know how to recondition it properly. When the core is weak, the spine is unstable and is at risk for musculoskeletal issues; low back pain, bulging discs, diastasis recti, weak abs, sciatica, hernias, slumped posture which contributes to neck and shoulder pain, pelvic floor weakness which leads to stress incontinence, prolapse etc.