3 “What You Can, When You Can” Workouts For Your Busiest Days

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There once was a time when a “workout” was defined in very narrow terms. Getting a workout done meant going to the gym, doing cardio until you were drenched in sweat, or lifting weights until your body couldn’t do one more rep.
Fortunately, times have changed.

New research has shown over and over again that short, challenging workouts (sometimes lasting just a few minutes!) can be even more effective for weight-loss and cardiovascular strength than the long, drawn out workouts we once thought were required.

This news has prompted a bit of a fitness movement based on one simple hashtag: #wycwyc. It’s pronounced ‘wik-wik’ and it stands for “what you can, when you can”.

The idea behind #wycwyc is powerful: Everything counts. Any bit of exercise you can do is a WIN. Even 5 or 10 minutes can make a huge difference!

What YOU Can, When YOU Can

Just think of all the reasons you may have to skip your workout today. You’ve got kids to care for, errands to run, and food to prepare. Maybe there isn’t a gym nearby so it would be completely out of your way to make it there at all? Perhaps you just don’t really like working out (it’s okay – you’re not alone!)

Instead of skipping out on exercise and then feeling guilty for it, #wycwyc is a reminder that doing something active, even if it’s just for a few minutes, is always possible and is always beneficial.

Parking a further away from the store so that you squeeze in an extra few steps – that’s #wycwyc.

Choosing the stairs instead of hopping on the elevator – that’s #wycwyc.

Doing some quick exercises while you watch your favorite show on Netflix – you guessed it, #wycwyc.

When you switch your mindset from “I have to go to the gym” to “what you can, when you can” you’ll start seeing opportunities for physical activity all around you.

Want a #wycwyc Workout You Can Try at Home?

Here are 3 that can be done in as little as 5 minutes each (no joke – just 5 minutes!). When could you fit one of these into your day?




Dave Smith is a professional fitness and weight-loss coach who was chosen as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional” in 2013. He shares awesome health and weight-loss tips through his blog and podcast that you can find at makeyourbodywork.com.
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