In Home ReCORE Training

In-person 6 week custom training for postpartum women


*coupons do not apply to training sessions*

In Home ReCORE Training

In Home ReCORE Training

In-person 6 week custom training for postpartum women


*coupons do not apply to training sessions*

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  • ReCORE Assessment Form - available for download once purchased
  • Program is adjusted based on client needs
  • Initial consult (1 hour) includes Diastasis Check, TvA strength test, Measurements and going over weekly exercises
  • 1 Final visit (30 min) includes re-assessment & guidelines to move forward
  • Functional Core Training
  • FITsplint discount

Service Details

Franklin TN area visit includes:

  • Initial Consult Visit (60 min) + Follow Up Visit (30 min)
  • 6 Week Custom exercise progression based on your needs/goals
  • Weekly emails with programming and videos to follow
  • Unlimited ability to talk, text as needed
  • Guidance on how to continue progression

How does it work? After payment is received, you can login to the website to fill out your assessment, then appt will be scheduled. Every week you will recieve new exercises to work via email (based on feedback) You will be able to talk or text with Celeste anytime during the program. Then a follow up visit will be scheduled to re-assess your progress and give tips on how to continue.

Who is it for? Whether you are immediately post-partum or it's been years since your last child, you can improve core function, stability, coordination and strength.  ReCORE is total core reconditioning.

Should I get the FITsplint? Celeste can help you decide with your 1st in-home visit. Some clients will be recommended to wear the FITsplint during ReCORE (those who are within 3 months postpartum or have a larger Diastasis Recti)

What if I don't have diastasis? Reconditioning the core/pelvic floor postpartum is still highly recommended and can help the return to run/sport.  The abdominal muscles considerably stretch from pregnancy even with minimal diastasis. 

OUT OF STATE VISIT REQUEST? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Online Training Options? 

  • ReCORE custom online training
  • ReCORE online program (self-paced) 


Customers love In Home ReCORE Training

Overall Rating 5.0

Based on 4 reviews

Bethany Verified Reviewer

After I had my twins (boys #3 & 4) I was extremely stretched out.  The babies were over 12 pounds together and to top it off I had an emergency C-section.  I was very bothered by the way my stomach was still sticking out after a month, but even more than that, my back hurt all the time.  I had been wearing an abdominal binder since delivery, but it wasn't helping.  I found Celeste through a friend who also has twins and got started on the ReCORE program at 4 weeks post partum.  At my first consultation I was so separated and weak that I couldn't feel anything when I tried to engage my abs and I could fit my whole fist between the muscles.  I wore the FITsplint all the time and fit sets of the exercises in between feedings and within a few days I could feel things starting to wake up.  I saw results almost immediately and that kept me motivated to keep it up.  Just having defined sets of exercise made it seem doable, even with the constant care needed by colicky twins.  After finishing the program, my abs are closing up very well and my back doesn't ache all the time, even when I have to hold my two little chunky babies a lot.  I'm so excited to get back to my routine and know that I have the knowledge I'll need to keep getting stronger instead of doing exercises that could make things worse.  I recommend ReCORE to all my friends who are pregnant or have lingering separation.

Brittany Verified Reviewer

I had a wonderful experience with the [In-Home] ReCORE program using the FITsplint. Celeste was wonderful from my initial inquiry email through my six weeks. I saw results in just one week with my stomach shrinking in overall size. And I felt my core getting stronger each week. Celeste was great at tailoring the program to my fitness level and she challenged me physically without overwhelming me. She was very positive and encouraging and made it a fun experience. 
Even though sessions are only 30 minutes, you feel prepared and comfortable with each exercise for the week and Celeste is great at making herself available for any questions or reminders when needed. I would recommend this program to every woman and especially all of my friends that have had children. If finances allowed, I would train with Celeste 365 days a year!!! I am looking forward to taking another session in the near future and plan to purchase the Maternity FITsplint with my next pregnancy.

Carol Verified Reviewer

Doctors and new moms all need to know that diastasis recti can be healed, closed, and managed without surgery! I saw two well respected doctors regarding my diastasis, and neither suggested exercise as a possibility to close the gap. The first doctor told me she would surgically put in a mesh, and the second, my ob-gyn, gave me referrals for plastic surgeons. I am so glad I found Celeste. After six weeks of wearing the FITsplint and following her ReCORE workout program I lost 2" in my waist and have begun closing the 3 finger gap at my navel. I can now get up and down to play on the floor with my boy without any of the previous pain and discomfort. I am determined to continue the program to close this for good so that I can inform my doctors and get this information out to new moms.

Jennifer Verified Reviewer

I started working with Celeste at the end of last year.  I had a 2 1/2 finger width separation.  After 6 weeks of following her [ReCORE] program and wearing the splint religiously I dropped 4" around my waist and now fluctuate between totally closed and a separation of about 1 finger width.  I feel incredibly grateful to have met Celeste and have learned the techniques she has taught me.  I have surrounded myself with lots of information about health and fitness and yet everything she taught me was new.  It allowed me to gain control over an area of my body I thought I had little if any control over.  I now have tools I can implement for the rest of my life.  Thanks Celeste!

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