ReCORE Online Program

Regain your core/pelvic floor strength, stiffness and control postpartum.
ReCORE Online Program

ReCORE Online Program

Regain your core/pelvic floor strength, stiffness and control postpartum.
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Program Details

The core/pelvic floor muscles have been stretched for nine months. It is important to regain core control, strength and stiffness before returning to running, jumping or lifting heavy. This program is recommended for early postpartum women or those that have been inactive for a while. Important for those with diastasis recti as well.  If you think you need more customized help, see in person training options here.

HOW TO ACCESS PROGRAM: Once purchase is made, you may log in to your account with username and password used to create your account. Click on dashboard then programs. and access your program immediately.  Online program purchases cannot be refunded.

Program Focus
  • Regain inner, outer and full body core control, strength and function
  • All postpartum women
  • Inactive women
  • Also helpful for those with diastasis recti, mild prolapse, c-section and stress incontinence
Program Includes
  • PDF -ReCORE Workout Guide/Assessment
  • VIDEO -Intro to Ab Sets
  • VIDEO -Drop Test Video
  • VIDEO -Check for Diastasis Recti
  • VIDEOS -ReCORE Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

What is Covered?

Week 1
Week 1
  • Learn the basic of inner core activation, breathing and core control with upper and lower body movements. Will use theraband and small ball or pillow
Week 2
Week 2
  • Add more resistance to further challenge core control with theraband and gym ball.
Week 3
Week 3
  • Slightly increase level of difficulty with higher pressure core exercises. Miniband and small ball or pillow used.
Week 4
Week 4
  • Continue to challenge duration of core and pelvic control. Gym ball will be used.
Week 5
Week 5
  • Progress core control exercises along with core stability. Gym ball used.
Week 6
Week 6
  • More full body core exercises, in all planes of motion, challenging core control and improving core strength and function. Gym ball and weights used

Press Reviews

“Using your program was THE TICKET! It got my inner core solid and the best part is now I am very conscious of my core and sure to do inner strengthening just as much as outer. Thank you for your program!”

-Heidi Smith, Health & Wellness Coach, Triathlete

“I started doing the ReCORE program about 2 months after our daughter was born, and I couldn't believe how weak I was! I worked hard on the exercises every day and noticed improvements in my strength within the first few days!”

-Mary, Athletic Trainer, NJ

“The 6-week [ReCORE] program was definitely structured to fit me and my needs. Celeste's videos were easy to understand and follow. When I had questions or concerns, she was responsive, helpful, and encouraging.”

-Emily, Cincinnati OH


Not just for women with Diastasis Recti.

Celeste Goodson

ReCore Fitness Founder


You can go back to doing what you love even after diastasis recti, incontinence, and prolapse issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Celeste Goodson
Celeste Goodson Answers
ReCore Fitness founder, pre and post-natal trainer, and ACE Medical Exercise Specialist is here to answer your questions!

Women who go through childbirth (diastasis or not) all have stretched abdominal and pelvic floor muscles that can benefit from proper core reconditioning to regain their core strength, control and ability to generate stiffness. Rebuilding core strength is about improving the ability to create force, resist force and absorb force. Doing basic breathing and TvA exercises are a good start but needs to be progressive. With specific programming, recovery can go smoother and faster and prep the body for heavy lifting and impact (running)

Top priority is doing ReCORE. You can do just the ReCORE program! The FITsplint is recommended if within 3 months postpartum and diastasis larger than 2 fingerwidths for abdominal support to the stretched tissue (see research on our Learn page).

General rule of thumb is 3 weeks postpartum (vaginal) and 4-6 weeks postpartum (c-section) if you can sit and walk pain free with doctors permission. We do have a letter you can send your OBGYN or midwife. While you do not have to start this early, you can do ReCORE when you feel mentally ready and that happens to be a few weeks/months later, that is fine! Even if you didn't hear about ReCORE and you are 1-2 years postpartum, it is not too late to recondition the inner/outer core!

The focus of ReCORE and the FITsplint is to provide the best environment to recondition the core to the best of its ability (not promise a diastasis fix) Often times, postpartum programs stick to basic TVA exercises and do not prepare moms back to sports or lifting, running and jumping.

Yes! Even though there may not be a diastasis..moms still have abdominal muscles that have stretched and weakened. By conditioning the inner core progressively, moms can regain their core strength, control and function again.

Difficulty of weight/bands will vary among users, but listed below is a general idea Medium Therabands, Light, medium or heavy mini-band, Weights 8-20 lbs (10-15 lbs average), Gym ball and Small (9") ball (or thick pillow).

Yes, this is a great program to do even if you have a hernia (given it is not painful and cleared to exercise by a physician) The exercises help strengthen the muscles and tissue, help teach how to distribute intra- abdominal pressure well and can help reduce chances of hernia getting worse. It is recommended to stop if hernia pain develops

We recommend doing the exercises four days a week for about 30 minutes each day (can be split up if needed due to baby demands )

While the ReCORE download is great for those with mild prolapse, it can also depend on your level of symptoms. If you are dealing with prolapse we recommend seeing a pelvic PT and working one on one with our training sessions or consult for specific guidance.  Progressing inner/outer core strength is important for women with prolapse to do, however each person may need to progress at different rates.

It depends! If within 3 months postpartum, for non-complicated deliveries we recommend waiting till: 1) about 7-8 weeks post, have done at least had 3 weeks of the ReCORE program or you have seen pelvic pt Returning to run should be VERY gradual. Start by walking for a few weeks while doing ReCORE, then add in a few times a week doing walking hill repeats (fast up, easy down), running hill repeats (medium fast up, easy down) and then short run/walk intervals to slowly get back to just running. 2) If you are dealing with more severe incontinence or prolapse symptoms, we recommend seeing a pelvic PT, waiting at least 3 months and working with one of our coaches on a specific return to run program. If you started ReCORE and you have already been running and you're only dealing with Diastasis Recti or mild stress incontinence issues, you can continue to run as you strengthen with ReCORE and symptoms improve.

Customers love ReCORE Online Program

Overall Rating 5.0

Based on 35 reviews

Amber B Verified Reviewer

amazing program - well worth the price!

Stephanie T Verified Reviewer

Celeste - you've been helping me for over a year. I did a custom PreCORE, online ReCORE and now online ReCORE 2. I stopped doing ReCORE after I healed and then got some hip injuries. Within a week of using ReCORE 2 and the moboboard, I started feeling 100% with running. Nothing else helped me get back to running as much as your programs. Thank you for all your help!

Liz Verified Reviewer

As far as this program, I would,( and will) strongly recommend it to anybody! I know it’s helped me so much, and I know lots of moms like me who want lots o’ kids, who would really benefit from this program. (mom of 9! 13 months post-partum)

Brittany B Verified Reviewer

I can’t say enough great things about the ReCORE online coaching program. After baby #2, I was discouraged, feeling broken, and diagnosed with mild ab separation and bladder prolapse - such that the doctors/physical therapists said I was “normal/fine” but I did not feel like myself nor could I engage in the biking, HIIT, running and strength training that I used to love. ReCORE was extremely effective and I was so encouraged seeing improvement week by week. Celeste provided exercises that challenged me each week and were very efficient in engaging and activating my dormant core. After a couple of weeks I felt like my core “woke up” and I could feel improvement in mid daily activities - lifting my kids, squatting /sitting, and doing house chores became so much easier! I was also able to return to running and feel extremely stable, supported, and strong. My frequent urge and difficulty emptying my bladder went away and my abs are now very close to being closed. This program removed much of my anxiety around diastasis recti and prolapse and made such a difference in my daily life. I cant thanks Celeste enough.

Dawn Verified Reviewer

I have definitely improved the stress incontinence issue, it was slow but I really noticed a difference there by week 4. My pants definitely fit differently, I had to go down a size and I really need a new swimsuit as the bottoms don't stay up in the water! Found that out on vacation..I loved the whole program, it felt challenging but still manageable. Easy to keep doing..and work in to my regular routine which was key for me!

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