PreCORE Online Program

Strengthen and improve function of core/pelvic floor to better handle pregnancy demands, delivery and recovery. 

PreCORE Online Program

PreCORE Online Program

Strengthen and improve function of core/pelvic floor to better handle pregnancy demands, delivery and recovery. 

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Program Details

Follow along with Celeste (Medical Exercise Specialist) and Meagan (in her 3rd trimester) as she preps the core/pelvic floor for pregnancy, delivery and recovery. Improve muscle strength, control and function. PreCORE can be added to your general strength and cardio routine. All of the workouts can be done throughout entire pregnancy.

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Program Focus
  • Core Control (breathing, controlling intra abdominal pressure, avoid bulging)
  • Improve Core and Pelvic Floor Strength
  • Inner to Outer to Fully Body Core Strength
  • Hip and Pelvic Mobility
  • Great for any trimester (modifications provided)
Program Includes
  • PreCORE Workout Guide
  • 5 PreCORE Workout Videos (modifications provided)
  • 2 Mobility Videos
  • Intro to Ab Sets during Pregnancy Video

What is Covered?

Couch Workout
Couch Workout
  • Strengthen the inner/outer core to full body core with just a couch or bench. Mini band also used.
Mini-Band Workout
Mini-Band Workout
  • Learn ways to improve inner/outer core strength with a mini-band and theraband
Weight Workout
Weight Workout
  • Challenge core stability even more with weights
Gym Ball Workout
Gym Ball Workout
  • Workout the inner/outer core to full body core with the gym ball.
TheraBand Workout
TheraBand Workout
  • Coordinate upper body with core progression using the Theraband
Mobility 1
Mobility 1
Mobility 2
Mobility 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Celeste Goodson
Celeste Goodson Answers
ReCore Fitness founder, pre and post-natal trainer, and ACE Medical Exercise Specialist is here to answer your questions!

Keeping the core and pelvic floor strong during pregnancy helps the body handle the physical demands of pregnancy as the core muscles stretch. With a focus on inner, outer and full body core strength and hip mobility, the body will be better prepared for pregnancy, delivery and recovery ​

As early as you can, but it is never too late. These workouts can be done during any trimester (modifications provided)

The FITsplint is recommend to use as needed for additional support to belly/back/hips in 2nd or 3rd trimester exercises, running, walking or heavier lifting. It is also recommended to use if dealing with any back, bladder, hip or pelvic pain along with doing strengthening exercises

Yes! This will help you maintain core strength even with DR and learn core control to help reduce stress on DR.

Yes! Focus on staying active, doing cardio, general strength training (with core control) and keeping the core and pelvic floor strong with PreCORE. Work on breathing and hip mobility with PreCORE as you prepare for birth. Use the FITsplint if needed for support during strenuous activity or when dealing with a large diastasis, back, bladder or hip/pelvic pains.

Possibly, but all women get some degree of DR by end of 3rd trimester. There are also a lot of factors that contribute to DR, some that we cannot control. The main focus should be to keep core strength up and learn core control. The Maternity FITsplint also can be worn to help reduce stress on DR if painful.

Yes this program is helpful for those with prolapse issues, as they are low impact and teach core control, however get clearance from physician. If you do get heaviness symptoms, exercise may need to be modified. Seeing a pelvic floor therapist during pregnancy is highly recommended.

Difficulty of weight/bands will vary among users, but listed below is a general idea Light to medium resistance bands, Medium or heavy mini-bands, Weights 8-20 lbs (10-15 lbs average), Gym ball, and Small (9") ball (or thick pillow)

We recommend doing the program exercises 4 times a week for 30 minutes each time.

Customers love PreCORE Online Program

Overall Rating 5.0

Based on 5 reviews

Stephanie T Verified Reviewer

Celeste - you've been helping me for over a year. I did a custom PreCORE, online ReCORE and now online ReCORE 2. I stopped doing ReCORE after I healed and then got some hip injuries. Within a week of using ReCORE 2 and the moboboard, I started feeling 100% with running. Nothing else helped me get back to running as much as your programs. Thank you for all your help!

Stephanie B Verified Reviewer

I had a c section in January (3rd pregnancy) and used both ReCORE + ReCORE 2 and I cannot believe how much stronger I am now! Thanks for putting together such an awesome program!!

Kristin H Verified Reviewer

This is an excellent program and I wish I had found it sooner. I started PreCORE at 25 weeks into my second pregnancy and feel like I have gained a lot of core strength, stability and awareness as my pregnancy has progressed. The workouts and mobility videos are easy to fit into a busy schedule or add on to another workout. I am confident that this program can help women avoid much of the back and hip pain associated with pregnancy and set them up for a healthy delivery and optional postpartum recovery. I am looking forward to using the ReCORE program after delivery!

Rose E Verified Reviewer

I’m so grateful to have taken the course for four weeks. This was my second pregnancy. I haven’t returned to running since my first, in part because of pelvic issues. I had/have knee soreness and muscle pains that I (and the orthopedic who saw me) related to poor mom form - lifting wrongly and not walking enough. When I did the four weeks of PreCORE my problems went away. I look forward to daycare and more of a reliable schedule with our newborn. I can start the ReCORE exercises then, hopefully soon... I’m not going to prepare for Olympic trials but these programs are the healthcare every mom needs. I won’t run a marathon for a few years but being able to control my abs and pelvic floor are reason enough to use this program.

Jana D Verified Reviewer

Thank you for making this program. I have been anxiously waiting for it!

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