Online Personal Training

6 week online personal custom CORE reconditioning training program

*coupons do not apply to training sessions*

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

6 week online personal custom CORE reconditioning training program

*coupons do not apply to training sessions*

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  • ReCORE Assessment Form - available for download once purchased
  • Initial screen: Diastasis Check, Tva Strength Test, Measurements
  • Program is adjusted based on client needs
  • 2nd Week (20 min Facetime/Skype Session to make sure you are on track)
  • Personal weekly emails to get new exercises for the week, check in, and keep you motivated!
  • Video Clips and description for each recommended exercise each week
  • Re-asses at the end with guidelines to help you move forward
  • Functional Core Training
  • FITsplint Discount

Service Details

Custom Training 6 Weeks CORE Reconditioning 
Customized/Personal Training Online. Whether you are immediately post-partum or it's been years since your last child, you can improve inner core function, stability, strength and coordination. ReCORE is designed to help women regain their inner core with safe, progressive, and dynamic core exercises. 
LIABILITY WAIVER:By purchasing the ReCORE program, purchaser agrees that they have not been placed on any exercise restriction from a doctor. The client also assumes all responsibility for any injury that may occur during the program. Purchaser agrees that ReCORE Fitness is not responsible for any for injury during the program.
FITsplint DISCOUNT?WATCH VIDEO -Some clients may be recommended to wear the FITsplint during ReCORE (those who are within 3 months postpartum or those have Diastasis Recti (2+ finger widths) With purchase of ReCORE program, you will receive a discount code to use to purchase a FITsplint (see Assessment)

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Overall Rating 5.0

Based on 4 reviews

Sara G Verified Reviewer

"I really loved your program! I think I’ve mentioned that I have also done [...two other programs]. Yours was my favorite because I felt like it made me the strongest and helped the most especially with the FITsplint !"

Amanda B Verified Reviewer

The biggest improvement of all is I am able to go about my day without pressure/prolapse symptoms. I never thought that was going to be possible. I’ve also noticed strength in my TA core muscles. I was able to run 3 miles on Sunday 1/2 hills 1/2 flats with no pressure and no pressure the days following. At my check up today there was no discomfort in the internal exam at all, 1st time! I really liked the 1-1 assessment when we first started working together and how you checked in with me when I was having back pain during the 2nd week. Despite it being virtual it felt like you were there when I had any questions or needing assistance/feedback. I really liked the variety of exercises as well. If I have baby#3 down the road I look forward to trying your band/pregnancy program. I’m so grateful to have found your services through Instagram. I look forward to see what my body will be able to do in 6 weeks from now given the progress it’s made in the past 6.

Thank you again!

Brittany B Verified Reviewer

I can’t say enough great things about the ReCORE online coaching program. After baby #2, I was discouraged, feeling broken, and diagnosed with mild ab separation and bladder prolapse - such that the doctors/physical therapists said I was “normal/fine” but I did not feel like myself nor could I engage in the biking, HIIT, running and strength training that I used to love. ReCORE was extremely effective and I was so encouraged seeing improvement week by week. Celeste provided exercises that challenged me each week and were very efficient in engaging and activating my dormant core. After a couple of weeks I felt like my core “woke up” and I could feel improvement in mid daily activities - lifting my kids, squatting /sitting, and doing house chores became so much easier! I was also able to return to running and feel extremely stable, supported, and strong. My frequent urge and difficulty emptying my bladder went away and my abs are now very close to being closed. This program removed much of my anxiety around diastasis recti and prolapse and made such a difference in my daily life. I cant thank Celeste enough.

Suzanne Verified Reviewer

I’m a mom of 5. Three of my children are 14 months apart and I was over 40 for three of them as well. Each of my kids was around 10 pounds at birth, and I carried extra fluid – needless to say, my never-in-great-shape abdominal muscles were worse for wear after the experience. Before having children, I made my living as a singer and with the damage done to my abdominal muscles, I found my breath control and support greatly diminished. It was also discouraging to find simply sitting up in bed an incredibly ungainly experience. I felt like a tuna flopping around on the deck of a ship. I also became concerned about my future ability to maintain continence. Celeste designed an exercise routine [ReCORE] for me and my specific needs. I was apprehensive about even the simplest exercises, but found during the course of the week, my ability grew. How exciting to see what had at first been incredibly difficult become routine. It was exciting to feel more power stronger each week. For the first time in years, I had a waist. I could actually wear a belt and have it sit where it was supposed to. That was the most exciting of all. I don’t know whether it was the exercises or the FITsplint or the combination of the two which allowed my muscles to come closer together, but I definitely felt the improvement in my singing, which allowed me to successfully complete my first full length recital in a long time and begin auditioning for professional opportunities again. Celeste’s program works even for us older women who weren’t much for physical fitness in our younger years. I’m most grateful!

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