Fit2b Girls Course Review

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Fit2b Girls Course Review

When I heard Beth Learn had put together a course specifically for girls/teens to learn about their bodies in a healthy manner, it definitely peeked my interest. Such a needed course. First, girls tend to learn about their bodies from moms (sometimes), friends (agh), teen magazines (eek!) and basic anatomy books if they happen get into anatomy classes; which are great but they don't tend to be very female specific oriented. We tend to learn about issues only when problems arise instead of learning to prevent and educate. I want my kids to be informed before problems arise. This gives them confidence and the ability to understand the importance of physical health, self-care and responsibility.

I have an 11 year old daughter and thought "what a great way to help introduce her to important topics." I also think while knowledge is power, it needs to be taught in the right context and be age appropriate. Knowing Beth, I knew she would be thorough and sensitive to the age.

Beth has guest writers and each category has a video and text to read and then there are downloads such as; documents, charts, diagrams, coloring pages that the girls can use as well. There is a definitely lot of info contained in each category, which is great, because girls can read what they are interested in now and read more later or go back and re-read some of the topics. Some of the reading may be more at a teenager reading level, but I think my 11 year old (who likes anatomy/physiology stuff) found she could comprehend the text fairly well. The videos help also. It is definitely educational and empowering for girls to take this ecourse. I think even moms can re-learn or find out things they never learned from taking this course.

I think back to my high school years and while I was fortunate to not have any period issues with running, just this past year I think I've discovered that I did struggle with low iron, mild anemia (I did throughout my 3 pregnancies) and I think it greatly affected my running performance after my freshman year of high school. We never thought to look at my iron levels when I couldn't run a PR after my freshman year of high school. Such a small but critical element to endurance sports. It is so difficult to run your best when your body does not have enough iron to supply oxygen to the muscles. The more girls know about how the body works, the more they will want to take care of their body, give it the rest and exercise it needs and have a better chance of feeling well and performing well.

Job well done, Beth!!
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