10 things you need to know about Diastasis Recti

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10 things you need to know about Diastasis Recti
Abs diastasis w sig
Diastasis Recti Illustration
-DR gets all the attention, but it is NOT the only weakness to be concerned about post-partum. There are several others even more common and just as important. LEARN MORE HERE
- If you want accurate measurements, you have to do it the same way each time by the same person. DR is often measured subjectively by fingerwidths. This is helfpul to assess control and function but measurements are not predictive of function. Ultrasound is most accurate, but the technician also has to be well trained
- Sometimes a DR can appear to shorten (tissue doesn't actually tighten, but muscles engage closer together) so DR actually hasn't shortened, but function has improved.
4 - DR does not have to shorten all the way to become functional 
- DR only becomes functional by reconditioning the entire inner core system progressively
6 - 3 moms with the same DR can have 3 different situations and limitations
7 - Having a belly bulge does not always mean you have DR
8 - Skinny moms can have DR too
9 - Once DR becomes functional and the inner core system becomes coordianated and strong..you CAN move on to other core exercises safely
10 - DR doesn't mean the muscles have literally separated. It means the fascia/tissue or linea alba has thinned and weakened. If there is a tear..it is considered a hernia.


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