What is splinting?

What is splinting?
What is splinting?

Splinting is a technique used to help pull 2 muscles or joints close together. Splinting is helpful if a person is dealing with abdominal separation or diastasis recti. Splinting the abdomen helps relieve the stress on the stretched out connective tissue between the rectus abdominus muscles as well as aligns, loads and supports the tissue. 


  • Aligns/stabilizes muscle & tissue close together
  • Provides proprioceptive feedback
  • Gentle compression and proper load to tissue
  • Protects from further stress or strain
  • Supports the abs, hips, back and pelvis


  • Allows full range of motion
  • Doesn't restrict breathing patterns
  • Easy to splint abs together without increasing *pelvic floor pressure
  • Non-slip technology
  • Anti-rolling technology
  • Straps can splint without overlapping or bunching
*Pelvic floor pressure

Increased pelvic floor pressure is caused several ways; by innappropriate use of core muscles and breathing (women can learn how to redistribute pressure with ReCORE) and tight restrictive material such as stiff corsets that constrict the abdomen and restrict full breaths. However, some intra abdominal pressure is good (in the abdominal cavity, not the pelvic cavity) and helps the core stabilize and protect the spine. The FITsplint provides the same amount of healthy pressure that occurs when a person engages their core correctly or the same amount of pressure that a woman would have if they didn't have diastasis recti.

Wearing the FITsplint while combining corrective exercise provides the most optimal environment for recovery.


Should I use the FITsplint?

Maternity FITsplint - Women who need support for their back, bladder, belly, hips or ligaments can benefit from the FITsplint. Women who have diastasis during pregnancy can wear the FITsplint for support as well.

Post-Natal FITsplint - Women who are immediately post-partum or women with abdominal separation 2 fingerwidths or larger can benefit from wearing the FITsplint for 4-6 weeks while doing corrective exercise (such as ReCORE).

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