The "Core 4" Matters


Here are common issues I have found women dealing with postpartum. This is why it is recommended to do core reconditioning like ReCORE before typical exercise even if no major injury is present postpartum.   Ab Separation or Diastasis Recti is only one issue  Other issues are: is the Transverse abdominal muscle (TVA) dormant or activating as it should? Is the TVA strong enough to stay engaged throughout more strenuous activity? Is the diaphragm in sync with the pelvic floor and TVA?  Can the abdominal muscles generate core stiffness  Does the client present with a more anterior tilt? This can be caused by weak abdominals and glutes.  Keeping up core strength in pregnancy will help alleviate these issues but the stretched out core muscles still need to be strengthened and re-activated postpartum.

GOAL with ReCORE: Restore function and strength of the core/pelvic floor. While measuring the width is helpful for DR progress, it is not the key factor in what you can and can't do. Three different women can have the same degree of separation and one can have a very weak non functioning core, and the other can have a functioning core, but still weak and the third can have a strong functioning core. What matters is that women try to recondition the core the best they can and see how well the tissue responds. The muscles will respond first, the tissue usually responds next, and then women should work on progressively increasing their core strength and control so the core can handle harder/more vigorous exercise.

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