This in-home client received permission from her OBGyn to start ReCORE at 2 weeks postpartum. This was the 2nd vaginal pregnancy and was dealing with diastasis recti, weak knees and intermittent back aches. This mom was determined to wear the FITsplint and do the exercises. As you can see she made quite a bit of progress in 10 weeks! She wore the FITsplint for the first 4 weeks.. enough protect, load and align the tissue and help speed the process while tissue is trying to remodel itself in the 3 months postpartum.  She chose to extend the program and do an additional 4 weeks of ReCORE. I continued to progress her through more challenging core exercises. At the end of the program, her knee and back issues had dissolved, the connective tissue had tightened up well and she has moved on! She improved her core strength considerably with the core strength TVA test.

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